RGU Aberdeen

About the Pathway

RGU and Skills Development Scotland (SDS) – Careers and Workforce Development in Health and Social Care in the NE of Scotland project is funded by The North-East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund.

This Fund is a £14.3 million investment by the Scottish Government to support economic recovery and enhance skill levels in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire though key sector growth, employment, training, and skills development opportunities.

This project will enable the workforce through education, extending knowledge and developing practical skills, which can support Health and Social Care Workers (practitioners) in their daily practice, enabling the workforce while improving the experience of people who use services.

  • review existing staff development challenges
  • support the re-design and approach to staff development in the health and social care setting
  • create a career development pathway which includes opportunities for the workforce to upskill and broaden their skill base to respond to service requirements.
  • create, deliver, and support the current health and social care workforce in learning opportunities as well as those with potential to transition from other sectors.
Funded through the North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund